Raunak city: A perfect home destination
Raunak City is the name of a place that offers township in India. It is located in the city of Kalyan. It offers 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats at very reasonable prices to all. The Raunak City Kalyan 1 BHK apartments are very big and luxurious. The total area covered by the Raunak City Kalyan is around 35 acres.

Flats in Raunak City 
The Raunak City Kalyan 1 BHK price is set according to the material used in the apartment. 1 BHK flat in Raunak City Kalyan is available at a very moderate rate. It has a world-class infrastructure. Raunak city 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats are very spacious and comfortable. You can get a perfect neighborhood at Raunak city. It also has parks for children to play and other provisions for leisure time activities for all age groups are also made.
The location of the apartments is chosen very wisely. There are schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and other shops nearby. A person will never regret if he invests his or her money in this township. All these apartments are newly constructed and safe. All provisions for the safety of residents are also made. There is greenery all around for the residents to experience the bliss of nature. If you are looking for a perfect location then this is one of them.
Facilities at Raunak City
The apartments are made for every kind of family. Whether it is a joint family or a nuclear family. Raunak City Kalyan 1 BHK apartments by Rera Project are a treat to eyes. There is accommodation and availability of every kind of flat. This project is a great initiative taken by the Rera Project to provide a healthy living to citizens of the country. Every need of daily life is taken care of inside the township.
A Perfect Home Destination
The apartments are well-furnished and constructed. Any problem within the township is immediately solved. People feel lucky if they are a part of Raunak city. It is one of the best opportunities of your lives to own the Raunak city Kalyan 1 BHK or 2 BHK flat. With lots of fresh air around and the cleanliness which is maintained by the staff, it is a perfect place for having a home. All the apartments are well-designed by top quality architects and experts. One should not let go of this great opportunity and immediately start looking forward to a home in Raunak City, Kalyan.