Ajmera Bliss – Kalyan

Ajmer bliss- a blissful place for your family

Ajmer bliss is such a fantastic place or location one can have. Ajmer bliss is located in Kalyan west Thane. Ajmer bliss flats are located in the center of this area. We offer all the necessary amenities one would be willing to have. We offer all the luxury facilities at an affordable price. Roads and footpaths connected to this place are comprehensive, and they are connected to the main roads. Ajmer bliss is a residential project. We ensure a life full of happiness. It is so peaceful to have a life there.

Ajmer bliss Kalyan makes charming and attractive homes for the residents. 

It offers comfortable and convenient flats that give you soothing feel Life in that luxurious flat is a dream of many. Are you one of them? Are you looking for a blissful place for your living? So you are at the right place. Ajmer bliss ensures blissful life by offering you such a relaxing place for your residence. Ajmer bliss is trustworthy and is well known for its work.

Now no compromise for the happiness of your loved ones

Ajmer bliss offers you well-furnished homes. You cannot say no to our high-quality designs and finishing. We provide efficient 1BHK and 2 BHK beautiful and spacious flats to their customers. These flats size ranges from 410 sq. Ft. To 546 sq. ft. 1 BHK flats prices varies from 41L and onwards, and 2 BHK flats price varies from 54L and onwards. We offer a master bedroom, beautiful living and dining room, spacious bathroom, attractive kitchen to ease your residence. There is a perfect ventilation system in this flat. Flats here gives refreshing feels, and the windows here are significant, which keeps your surrounding airy. Our Flats are equipped with all the necessities and a luxurious lifestyle.

Ajmer bliss Kalyan is one of the best leading real estate companies in India. You can now have your home according to your convenience and wants. All the places like the primary market, stationery, medical shops, and more are within walking distance. Flats are well connected and are located in a good location. Schools, hospitals, workplaces, and other necessary places are within a distance of 20-25 minutes. You can get there without being late. You can have a peaceful life here in this hustle and bustle.

Enjoy the beautiful amenities of Ajmer bliss.

One of the best amenities is designed by Ajmer bliss. The amenities are so attractive in Ajmer bliss Kalyan flats. We offer an indoor kids zone where your kid can have a great time, a professional gymnasium, so no extra expenses will occur a great spiritual temple, an outdoor play area with garden swings, slides, and more, a spacious restroom, an impressive gymnastics hall for you, no safety concerns as you have a good facility of high tech security, a beautiful swimming pool, a great banquet hall for parties and functions and also a puzzling parking lot. Now you can enjoy a bundle of facilities and have fun living here.

Ajmer bliss Kalyan offers such fantastic flats that you would never regret buying. We design our apartments so beautiful and are of premium finishes. You will love being here, and of course, the facilities here are excellent. Now you enjoy your life being a part of Ajmer bliss, and for more details and information, you can contact us or visit our website.